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$20,000,000 – Miami Beach, FL

There is a very interesting story that goes along with this 9 bedroom, 15 bathroom Palm Island estate. Many of you have probably heard of Scott Storch, the music producer who “fell on hard times.” He bought this massive 20,000 square foot waterfront home back in 2006 for $10.5 million, and later sold is for $6.75 million to the CEO of Rockstar Energy Drinks. Well, now this guy is trying to sell it for about 3x the amount he paid for the place. The interior is nice, but nothing spectacular. Other than the huge foyer and home theatre, the place is somewhat bland. A dock, pool, and volleyball court are a few features of the backyard. Worth $20 million?

Click here for the listing and more photos.

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  1. November 3, 2010 at 7:26 am

    Personally I would not want to pay 20 million for that house.

    I see some parts of the house I like, and the grounds are not bad.

    I think someone will really like this one, and they might just accept the asking price.

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